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Volcano collection was inspired by such a violent and powerful, yet at the same time hypnotic, phenomenon that occurs within nature. Volcanic eruptions in time have created multitudes of colored stones with myriads of unique shapes.

The underlying theme of Volcano collection is a reinterpretation of the ruggedness and characteristic shapes of lava stones, through the employment of precious materials. A burnished silver jewel, created through the mastery of the ancient wax casting technique, may have the aspect of a lava stone, and only at a closer look it will reveal its overall peculiarity, its games of chiaroscuro, its uneven surface and delicate polish.


White diamonds are placed in the existing craters of a jewel’s surface, and are mounted to conform with its natural shapes.

The gold Volcano Collection focuses on the different ranges of colors that jewels may display. The irregular surface of the Volcano jewels reflects the light in an absolutely unique way, with shades varying from jewel to jewel and creating diverse tones of gold chiaroscuro, sometimes shiny and sometimes opaque.

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