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Do you ship all over the world?


We arrive all over the world. The cost of shipping will be quantified based on the destination.


How long does it take to receive the order?


Each piece is handmade and made to order in Milan, in our laboratory.

Please be patient 2-3 weeks while our craftsmen  give life to your jewel.

If you need to receive your order by a specific date, we will try our best to accommodate you  and to speed up the creation process if possible.



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Do the jewels have a particular packaging?


Each piece of jewelery is wrapped in tissue paper, placed in the personalized case with our logo - for rings and earrings - or  linen bag - for necklaces and bracelets - and then shipped in the recycled cardboard box and decorated with a ribbon and label bearing our signature.

A certificate of authenticity with the description of the product and a postcard that tells our brand will be added to everything. 

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The jewel has the same measures  viewable  in the pictures ?


As much as we try to shoot the jewelry so that it looks realistic, it is possible that the proportions are in some cases misleading.

In the data sheet of each product we indicate the material, the measures and the finish.



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Is it possible to return a product?


We accept product returns if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

The return must be made within 15 days of shipment, in this case the postmark is valid.

The product must be returned unworn and unworn, and packaged so that the shipment does not damage it.

JULS is not in any way  responsible for damage or loss of the product during shipment.

When we have received the product, you will receive a voucher of the same  amount (excluding shipping which is charged to the customer) to be spent within 24 months.

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What is your commitment to sustainability?


At JULS we work with passion and put 100% of our commitment into the quality of our jewels, and in an effort to have less  possible impact on the environment around us.

This includes using at least 10% of  recycled metals, deriving from discarded jewels or old productions; the purchase  from deemed suppliers  responsible sources;  the replacement of materials derived from animals, such as  leather, with synthetic fabrics such as  waxed cotton cords; the choice to avoid living materials such as pearls or corals;  the use of  recycled cardboard packaging and sorting  laboratory waste.


Finally, JULS is a small reality where they are used  the ancient goldsmith techniques of lost wax casting and processing, drawing and finishing of  precious metals. For us the  craftsmanship is a central theme that distinguishes us in all our work,  and that we want to convey as a pride of made in Italy.

Everything is done  in small workshops where we interact personally with those who produce our creations, as well as with the artists who make us  photographs and illustrations. We like to think that these people accompany us in our work and are part of our great project.

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