Volcano collection was inspired by such a violent and powerful, yet at the same time hypnotic, phenomenon that occurs within nature. Volcanic eruptions in time have created multitudes of colored stones with myriads of unique shapes.

The underlying theme of Volcano collection is a reinterpretation of the ruggedness and characteristic shapes of lava stones, through the employment of precious materials.

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Congiunzioni, namely Conjunctions, are words used to connect clauses or sentences or to coordinate words in the same clause e.g. and, but, if. Oxford dictionary.

Each jewel from Congiunzioni collection has a simple and essential design, because their manufacturing technique, which gives the name to the entire collection, consists in the utilization of wires, welded to be linked together. The result is that each piece consists solely of its profile, presents a slightly irregular shape, and evokes the thread of the feelings that intertwine us, highlighting the points of connection.

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